Why visit the city of Tokyo

Are you the kind of tourist who loves the big cities, car horns, traffic and neon lights? Then surely you relate vacations with New York, Paris, Berlin or London. How about traveling to the capital of Japan? We are going to give you some reasons for Tokyo.

Reasons to go to Tokyo

Located in the Kanto region of Honshu Island and divided into 23 neighborhoods, Tokyo is a city that could be said to have it all. It perfectly combines the traditional with the modern and is the most populated city in the world. Only in the center live ... 8 million people! And if we count the total inhabitants of the district, we reach 36 million, more than a large part of the countries of the planet.

But beyond the fact that these data scare us, they shouldn't take away our desire to visit Tokyo. It’s really a fascinating city, A wonderful experience that no one should miss in your life. Culture, customs and technology are just some of the reasons why the Japanese capital is a point on any list of a traveler.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park - Sean Pavone

Why visit Tokyo then? Here are some answers to this question:

It is the entrance to the island

To enter Japan you must land in Tokyo. While there are options to reach other cities or towns, a trip to Japanese lands without stepping on its capital is the same as going to Paris and not climbing to the Eiffel Tower or to New York without walking through the Big Apple.

It has the most beautiful imperial gardens

This is the park in the facilities of the Imperial Palace, place of residence of the royal family. It can be visited 363 days a year with the exception of December 23 (Emperor's birthday) and January 2 (New Year). If you can choose the date to visit these gardens do not hesitate, Visit them in spring when all the cherry trees are in bloom. To take thousands of photographs!

Imperial Palace - Tooykrub

It has a temple of almost 2,000 years

This is the Senso-Ji temple, whose foundation took place in 628. It has been rebuilt several times but still retains much of its original work. Every year about 20 million people visit it and it is dedicated to the goddess of Mercy, Kannon. A curious fact is protected against fire to avoid losing the great heritage inside.

"Great. Brevity and kindness. Very japanese. I like it."

- Phrase from the movie «Lost in Tokyo» -

You can see the city from several skyscrapers

Tokyo Sky Tree - yoshi0511

The Japanese capital is one of the most modern that we can find in all of Asia. To get incredible views of the city you can climb to the top of one of its skyscrapers:

  • Tokyo Sky Tree: It is 630 meters high and was opened in May 2012. It has a restaurant, a broadcasting tower and a commercial complex with 300 stores.
  • Metropolitan Government Building: its viewpoint is 240 meters high (not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo) and if the sky is clear you can see up to Mount Fuji (about 130 km away).
  • Observation Platform World trade center: It is located on the 40th floor and its circumference is 200 meters. Its large windows allow you to see the monorail, the bullet train, the planes arriving or taking off and the boats in the port.

It has a statue of a dog

Surely you will know the story of Hachiko, that dog who waited 9 years for his owner to return to the station where he saw him leave. The man had died but, of course, the dog did not know. Before traveling to Tokyo we recommend that you watch the movie starring Richard Gere that tells what happened with this faithful animal.

Shibuya statue - anahtiris

But returning to the Japanese city, The statue is located at Shibuya station, in the commercial and entertainment center. It is a meeting point for many residents and certainly a place to take a picture (or several)

¿You still want more reasons to visit Tokyo? Because you can cross Sumidagawa (main waterway), walk through Ueno Park (with sanctuaries and of course cherry trees) and tour the Asakusa neighborhood (which seems to have stopped in time).

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