12 reasons to travel Galicia by car

Galicia is synonymous with incredible landscapes, the intense green of its vegetation, culture, history and exquisite cuisine. Galicia is one of the most beautiful communities in Spain and there is no better way to meet her than by car.

To feel Galicia in all its splendor the ideal is to rent a car and tour all those places and villages that make this region one of the most charming in Spain.

Do you want to know more reasons why you should travel Galicia by car? Continue reading and find out. Join us at A trip that will make you fall in love with this magnificent region.

Galicia: a paradise to know

1. To take a tour of all the charming beaches of Galicia. In them you can enjoy the water and sand, in some cases, in addition, in the middle of fantastic landscapes. If you want to spend a day in the sun you have a lot to choose from: Doniños beach, Catedrales beach, Menduiña beach, Vivero Area and many more.

Beach of the Cathedrals, Lugo - Migel

2. To discover and fascinate you with its interesting history. Follow the mark that the Romans left in this region, know the natural park of O Xurés, the historic center of the city of Ourense, the magnificent cathedral of Santiago and the imposing wall of Lugo, which, by the way, is a World Heritage Site .

«It rains in Santiago,
my sweet Love.
White camellia from the air
the sun shines darkened.

-Federico García Lorca-

3. Stay in some of the most charming inns in the country. Traveling by car gives you the freedom to discover some of the most beautiful inns, it is priceless to wake up next to a stream and a chestnut forest.

Lighthouse of La Guardia, Pontevedra - Fresnel

4. Tour the north of the Iberian Peninsula and discover the interesting history of the wars and shipwrecks that took place in that region.

Galicia, a lovely region

5. You can not miss the Stake of Bars. This is the most northern point of the Peninsula and the landscape is simply breathtaking. Spectacular cliffs separate the Ortigueira and Barquero estuaries, a show that you cannot miss.

Estaca de Bares, A Coruña - Guillén Pérez / Flickr.com

6. Enjoy a good sunset. Visit Corporal Fisnisterre and enjoy the beautiful colors that stain the sky at sunset. The Roman general and politician Tenth June Gross fell in love with the impressive landscape, in fact, he believed he was really at the end of the Earth.

7. Meet the Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Atlantic Islands. This spectacular corner has an approximate extension of 1,194 hectares of land and more than 7,000 of maritime surface. Some of the Galician islands that you can know throughout this tour are Sálvora, Cíes, Cortegada and Ons.

Galicia: history and more history

8. In Galicia there is much evidence of some of the first human settlements of history Discover some of the petroglyphs, mamoas, dolmens and castros that abound in this region.

9. Another interesting place that you can know in your tour of Galicia is the Ribeira Sacra. This riverbank includes the rivers of Sil, Cabe and Miño, there you can continue discovering much more about the history of Spain and the world through an interesting concentration of monasteries.

Monastery of Santo Estevo, Ribeira Sacra - Alin Popescu

10. Go up to the viewpoint of the Parque del Castro. In Vigo you can find some of the most impressive views of Galicia. Approach this ancient fortification located on Monte del Castro and enjoy the best views of the city of Vigo.

11. Get on a time machine that will transfer you to the past and visit the charming village of Combarro. Very close to Pontevedra you will find this small town, a faithful representative of the ancient architecture of Galicia. Beautiful stone houses, cruises and granaries adorn the place. If you are a history lover, this is a visit that you cannot stop doing.

Combarro, Pontevedra - avarand

12. The spectacular Tower of Hercules is another of those emblematic places that you can not miss. This tower and lighthouse is located on top of a hill located in A Coruña. It is the only Roman lighthouse and the oldest in the world that is still in operation. In 2009, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

There is much that Galicia has to offer and, to be able to know it more thoroughly, it is best to visit it by car From north to south and from east to west. This magical land will make you fall in love.

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