We discover the medieval city of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria

When visiting Bulgaria you may decide to visit its capital, Sofia, or its charming and picturesque towns and cities bathed by the Black Sea. But today we bring you another option; Veliko Tarnovo, a fascinating medieval city, full of history and that is known as the capital of the medieval czars of Bulgaria.

Veliko Tarnovo is located north of Bulgaria, on the banks of the Yantra River and about 241 kilometers east of Sofia. Its name means Veliko la Grande and its walls and corners evoke the historical essence of the country. In the Middle Ages it was the capital of the Bulgarian Empire and a symbol of Bulgarian nationalism against the Ottomans over the centuries.

Veliko Tarnovo - Pres Panayotov

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the oldest cities in the country. Its location makes it a meeting point for business relations, which boosted its economic and cultural development from ancient times to the present day.

There are many jewels to know in Veliko Tarnovo, there you will find strengths, palaces, ancient churches, convents, winding and cobbled alleyways and much more. Let's get to know this amazing city a little better.

Sites of Interest in Veliko Tarnovo

Tsarevets Fortress

This fortress is emblematic in the city. It is located on a hill that bears the same name from where the city dominates. From here the medieval tsars ruled Bulgaria for two centuries. Currently you can find the most important historical remains of Bulgaria in the Middle Ages.

Tsaverets Fortress - Lenar Musin

To access the fortress you must cross a stone walkway that offers wonderful views of Tsarevets and the Yantra River. Be sure to admire the lion that guards the entrance to the citadel. Upon entering, all the details and the great walls will take you to the middle ages. A worthwhile experience.

Around the fortress we find several essential monuments, such as the patriarchal church, in a beautiful natural environment and almost suspended on top of the hill. Right next to it is the Baldwin tower, which shows beautiful panoramic views of the city. In the surroundings you can also admire the ruins of the Royal Palace.

Asenova neighborhood

Next to the Yantra River, just below the fortress of Tsarevets, we find the oldest neighborhood in Veliko Tarnovo. Its name is Asenova and it has many treasures to discover in each of its corners.

Veliko Tarnovo - kpatyhka

In this neighborhood lived the workers and artisans of the fortress. They entered the walled enclosure every day through one of its doors, which is still preserved, amid impressive rocks. You can walk through the street of artisans called ul Rakovski, There you can admire various shops where different trades such as wood, brass, etc. are worked.

Another of its main attractions are the five churches contained in only one square kilometer of extension. The oldest dates from the 12th century, it was used as a royal pantheon and was later used by the Turks as a mosque.

Veliko Tarnovo - Nadezda Razvodovska

When strolling in the historic center you will encounter charming corners like the street parallel to the river to the wooden bridge and the church of San Pedro and San Pablo, with its small and well-kept garden.

Do not forget to visit the Sarafkina house museum. This construction dates from 1861 and is a typical well-off house of the time. It is made of wood and has a slope, so the front has two floors and the back four floors, with beautiful views of the river.

Varosha neighborhood

Typical houses of Veliko Tarnovo - Dundanim

It is the most characteristic of the city. It is located on top of a hill, has streets cobblestones, whitewashed houses and buildings of the Bulgarian Renaissance. All these elements are a magnet for visitors.

"You know more about a path for having traveled the one than for all the conjectures and descriptions in the world."

-William Hazlitt-

Prison museum

This old Turkish prison is currently a museum where You can see the rooms of the prisoners, including where the most dangerous revolutionaries were imprisoned. You can also see the torture room.

Samovodska Charsia

It is a medieval market also called Grand Bazaar. In this open-air market you can find a variety of stores and different stalls of traditional crafts. You can also enjoy varied restaurants and taverns where you can taste typical local food.

Veliko Tarnovo offers you a variety of options to make your visit fantastic. Be sure to visit this beautiful medieval city. We assure you that you will be captivated by its history and its charming corners.

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