The Statue of Liberty, a symbol

Icon of New York, symbol of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, must-see on a walk through Manhattan ... the Statue of Liberty is known throughout the world, and not only for those who visit the city, since it is also present in dozens of movies. Today we invite you to enjoy it with us. Can you come with us?

Freedom illuminating the world

That is the "real" name of the Statue of Liberty, although many do not know. One of the most famous monuments in the modern world is south of Manhattan, more precisely on Liberty Island, next to Ellis Island and the mouth of the Hudson River.

It was a gift from France to the United States to celebrate 100 years of the Declaration of Independence and sign of friendship between both countries. It opened in 1886 and is the work of the sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and the engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (yes, the same one that erected the Eiffel Tower in Paris).

Statue of Liberty - Victoria Lipov

It also represents emancipation in relation to oppression and it is a welcome symbol to the long-awaited land of opportunities by European immigrants arriving in New York by boat after several days of crossing the Atlantic Ocean (how can we forget the image of the film Titanic?).

Guide to visit the Statue of Liberty

To reach the island that houses the statue, 46 meters high (or 93 if the base is taken into account), you have to use a ferry that leaves from southern Manhattan, in Battery Park. Depending on the time of year the ships operate between 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning. The last departure to return is at 4:30 p.m. and the tour is approximately 10 minutes. The statue is open to the public every day except December 25.

Statue of Liberty - spyarm

To avoid delays and queues it is recommended to arrive at Battery Park very early, after a quick breakfast. So you can not only be the first to reach the island, but also to access the interior of the statue: places are limited. Those arriving after 10 in the morning at the port will have to wait a long time to do the walk.

If you visit the Statue of Liberty for the first time plan your day well, because perhaps the complete tour with the two islands takes several hours. If your idea is to climb the crown of the popular lady ... you will have to enjoy a good physical form. There are 154 steps!

The same almost to climb 22 floors of a building. This exercise on a spiral staircase is worth it because when you get to the top you see practically the whole city, including the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and all of Manhattan.

Statue of Liberty - luca amedei

In the event that you do not want or can climb, there is no problem because from the pedestal you will also have beautiful views of New Jersey, the port of New York and Ellis Island. Note that Although the visit to this area is free, you must book in advance: Only a limited number of tourists can access the day.

With the access ticket to the crown or the pedestal you can also visit the Liberty Island Museum, where we talk about how the United States and France worked together to create this symbol. You will find images of when the statue was built and installed in the place it occupies now.

Ellis Island - iofoto

An additional tip: visit Ellis Island, the next ferry stop after passing Liberty Island, with its museum on immigration (it was the place where immigrants arrived in the city between 1892 and 1924). More than 12 million people entered the country through the immigrant building.

There was also a hospital to care for the sick, a pavilion for those suffering from contagious pathologies and a building for travelers to sleep before starting their new life. The museum shows, for example, how the unfortunate were deported or the health control system.

«Freedom does not have its value in itself: you have to appreciate it for the things that are achieved with it.»

-Ramiro de Maeztu-

If you are organizing a trip to New York, the Statue of Liberty is among the first attractions you should know, next to Empire State Building or Central Park.

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