Nerja, one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa del Sol

Nerja is a beautiful town nestled in the province of Malaga. A town where many tourists arrive daily looking for the sun and the crystal clear water of its beaches. But there is much more to discover in it, for example, incredible cliffs and magical caves.

Nerja: ideal destination

There are many activities that can be done in this town on the Mediterranean coast. Both day and night, always depending on what the visitor is looking for. In the old area you can walk through its streets of white houses and buy a souvenir in the typical shops of folk crafts.

Nerja - Alex Tihonovs

As well It is mandatory to stop to cool off and taste a fried fish or some espetos, name that they receive here to the sardines, so habitual in all this coast. Nerja is an ideal holiday destination, either alone or as a family, as it offers a wide variety of attractions depending on the tourist's tastes.

«Lying on carpets of magical colors while the sweet dream my eyelids closed, Naricha; my Naricha sprouting among flowers with all her beauties my sight recreated. »

- Ibn Saadi -

Must see views in Nerja

1. The old town

Walking through the old town, and crossing the Paseo de la Battery, you reach a viewpoint that is part of an entire old fortress. This famous terrace was built where the citadel once stood, which was ravaged in the War of Independence. It is called Balcón de Europa.

Balcony of Europe - Alex Tihonovs

A beautiful corner with its own legend. They say that one of the kings of Spain, during one of his visits to Nerja, looked out and said appellation in honor of all the beauty that could be seen from there.

On the sides of this fort are the small and calm beach of the Salon and the beach of Calahonda. The latter, although difficult to access, is one of the most famous in the region. There you can see the houses of fishermen attached to the rocks, painted white and blue, as if it were a summer postcard.

From one side of this viewpoint you can see the parish of El Salvador, Baroque-academic style, with a beautiful bell tower. Not far away is the sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows, for which the nerjeños feel great devotion.

2. The wonderful caves

This wonder of nature, also called the Cave of Wonders, was discovered by chance in 1959. Along the promenade, many galleries are visited, all of them with curious names, based on the forms that stalagmites and stalactites make when they come together. Examples of this are the Hall of Ghosts, the Hall of Waterfalls or the Hall of Bethlehem.

Nerja caves - catalin eremia

Some high galleries have not yet been open to the public and new rooms continue to be discovered every year. These caves have been declared a Historic Artistic Monument and Cultural Interest.

Every year, in the month of July, a music, ballet and dance festival is held here. An event that unites a beautiful staging and stunning visual effects. Absolutely captivating.

And it is that in Nerja there is also space for culture and mystery, not forgetting relax. Get away from the hustle and bustle Entering secluded coves to enjoy the calm and the murmur of the sea are another option More than recommended. Or, in counterpoint, let yourself be imbued with the nightlife of a tourist-oriented town.

Activities in Nerja

Here the traveler can enjoy a wide range of activities. The entire area of ​​the Nerja coast offers visitors the possibility of diving or diving in the transparent waters of its cliffs.

Nerja - S. Borisov

In the same way, You can go hiking on the Chillar River and visit the Los Cachorros area, known to lovers of this sport. It is also possible to do kayaking on the cliffs of Maro, a rugged natural spot unmatched, with fantastic coves. It's not all, you can enjoy beautiful horseback riding, or tour the region by bicycle.

Even the most daring and passionate about extreme sport can climb Mount La Maroma, which with its 2000 meters high is the highest in the area. To carry out this ascent it is important to have a good physical preparation and that the weather is favorable, since the roads are very complicated.

But from the top the views of the territory are impressive. A postcard that subjugates the tourist and shows that southern elf that their people talk about so much and that portrayed the mythical television series Blue summer.

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