The 10 best places to make a selfie

They are fashionable and have real fans. The selfie has become one of the most widespread ways to show the world the places we go to. If you are a fan of "selfies" and carry a stick of selfieeverywhere, then you will like to find out what are the best places to make these types of images. In which of them have you already been?

Perfect destinations to take a selfie

Of course, every corner of the planet is the perfect setting to take a picture. The fury for selfies is such that sticks have been banned in many museums to avoid that in the eagerness to get so close to a sculpture or painting ... they end up damaging it! If you promise to respect the rules and not be a danger to what surrounds you, we show you the ideal places to take a selfie.

1 Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower - Gurgen Bakhshetyan

Of course I should be in the first place on the list. Whether you are at the base of the tower or if you have climbed (to any of its floors but especially to the highest), the temptation to take a photo will be difficult to resist. The Champs de Mars, the Seine river with its bridges or the Trocadero Gardens are the landscapes that will be behind us from the tower. Or the huge iron structure, if we have not yet climbed it.

2. Roman Colosseum

This exceptional theater used for fighting between gladiators two thousand years ago It is visited by 3 million people a year. And the vast majority of them (if not all) take a selfie to immortalize the moment. Surely you also want to have that great photo in the Colosseum!

3. Grand Canyon of the Colorado

Skywalk, United States - Leonardo Stabile /

In its viewpoint called "Skywalk" we will have stunning views of this natural spectacle of brown, red and orange. The famous Grand Canyon is worthy of many photographs (once you get out of your stupefaction) and, of course, several selfies.

4. Disney World

We already know that the most famous amusement park in the world is not only for children (although it is the perfect excuse to go as an adult). Taking pictures with Disney characters is a must In your stay here. Surely they are the most photographed in the world, and you cannot miss the opportunity to be close to them.

«Photographing is placing the head, eye and heart on the same axis.»

- Henri Cartier-Bresson -

5. Empire State

Empire State Building - Tregubov Andrey

Something similar to what happens with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but in beautiful New York. This building that allows us to enjoy wonderful views of the Big Apple is a perfect place to take a selfie, either day or night. Ideal for lovers of glamor and cosmo life.

6. Burj Kalifa

The great tower of Dubai (the highest in the world at the moment) requires a certain capacity so that the selfie does not leave us "cut". With its more than 800 meters high, if you get very close to the entrance it will be difficult for the camera to take the tip. If you dare you can go upstairs to take a picture in the best style "I am the king of the world."

7. Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China - tpsdave /

With its twenty thousand kilometers of original length (it is believed that it took two thousand years to finish it), the great wall that protected the Chinese Empire is one of the most visited places in Asia. If you are lucky enough to at least go through a part of it, you will want to take a selfie. But attention, because Unlike what you see in magazines, you'll never be alone for a perfect photo.

8. Big Ben in London

The clock of the Palace of Westminster, a few meters from the River Thames (with the homonymous bridge) and the Abbey It is one of the places where a selfie is current currency. Actually, the whole set that includes the London Eye is worth thousands of selfies.

9. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls - R.M. Nunes

On the border between Argentina and Brazil, one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world awaits you to enjoy not only the spectacle but also, of course, to take a selfie with the waterfalls 80 meters high and 3 kilometers wide. You will be very close to the water ... we recommend that you protect your camera or mobile!

10. Holy Family

The most famous work of Antoni Gaudí deserves not one but several selfies. As you must make a long line to access the temple,You can take advantage to make different shots of this impressive building.

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