Wrocław, a lovely city that will surprise you

The charming Wrocław, also called Wroclaw, is a communications, industry, science and art center in Poland. But that's not all, this medieval city has a rich history and hospitable people that will make you feel that you are at home. This gem to discover is unique and radiant, with its canals, bridges, colorful buildings and statues of gnomes. You want to know Wrocław? Join us!

Wrocław, historic city

Wrocław is located in the southwest of Poland, is the largest city of the Voivodeship or province of Lower Silesia and is recognized as its historical capital. It is the fourth largest city in the country and constitutes a great economic and cultural center.

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History has forged the character of this fascinating city. Before World War II, Wrocław was the thriving capital of the German province of Lower Prussian Silesia. After the war, the Soviet Union moved the Polish German border along the Oder-Neisse line. It was declared "fortress city" by Hitler, but was destroyed by the Red Army on its march to Berlin.

Wrocław was devastated after the war, like many other cities in Central Europe. However it was Completely restored and today is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.

The city of the twelve islands

Wrocław is unique, It is located in twelve islands linked together by a hundred bridges. There are all sizes, shapes and colors and these provide a romantic and picturesque atmosphere to the city.

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The history of Wrocław has given rise to its great culture and architecture. The city has been in Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Austrian and German hands. Its buildings show all these cultural influences and stages of its history.

Even though This city has a lively cultural and metropolitan scene, It has not been discovered by international tourism. Currently its visitors come mostly from the rest of the country and from Germany.

"Go wherever you go, it becomes somehow part of you."

- Anita Desai -

What to see in Wrocław

1. The Market Square

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The Market Square or Plaza Mayor is the nerve center of Wrocław. This beautiful cobbled square is surrounded by coffee shops where you can taste both good coffee and beer.

Around it there are colorful medieval buildings that seem taken from a story. And if this seems little, take a ride in a horse car.

2. Solny Square

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Solny Square is beautiful to be visited at any time, but if you go in spring you will be fascinated with the colors of the flower stands, combined with the pastel tones of the facades of the baroque buildings.

After acclimatizing in the square, you can dine and cheer up in one of the surrounding restaurants and bars.

3. Wrocław Town Hall

City Hall - Andrew Mayovskyy

This building is 250 years old. They highlight their gables and pointed needles and their mix of Gothic styles. Inside it has the Great Hall, which formerly housed the bourgeois medieval elite and is today a public art gallery.

4. Church of Santa María Magdalena

This Gothic-style building is located in the historic center of Wrocław. It is majestic and one of the most visited monuments in the city. One of its biggest attractions is its two towers, which are connected by a walkway 40 meters high, called Puente del Penitente. From it you get panoramic views that will leave you breathless. Do not miss admiring below the Romanesque portal its beautiful and elaborate sculptures.

5. Wroclaw Opera

Wroclaw Opera - Maciek Lulko

This building of imposing neoclassical columns on its facade and golden roof, amazes own and strangers for its beauty. In addition to the classic operas, in summer the show goes out to the street where you can admire it and even participate, so go practicing!

6. Racławice Panorama

The Racławice Panorama is a circular building with an impressive panoramic of more than 100 meters that will leave you impressed. It shows the scenes of the battle of Racławice, which ended with the victory of the Polish uprising against Russia in 1794. You will be fascinated with the mix of perspectives, lighting and 3D techniques. You will feel that you are looking out a window from which you can see the battlefield.

If you have planned a trip to Poland, discover Wrocław, a city with a lot to offer That will leave you more than a good impression.

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