We make a route through the best of Saxony

One of the 16 federated states of Germany awaits us with beautiful landscapes, historic cities like Dresden and picturesque villages that are worth visiting. In this article We tell you how you can plan a route for the best of Saxony, To enjoy everything without missing anything.

Stroll through Saxony

If you wish, you can rent a car and make the route with all the independence and freedom of the world. Another option is to use public transport, both to connect destinations and within each locality. The train and the tram, respectively, have a very good service and the networks are quite wide.

In a good tour of the lands of Richard Wagner, Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann and Felix Méndelssohn you should not miss these places:

1. Leipzig

Leipzig - Sergey Dzyuba

Once we have arrived at the train station, we can begin our walk. The Reformierte church and the Rosental (one of the many parks in the city) welcome us. After that we can walk along Friedrich Elbert Strasse street to reach the Palace of Justice. We will also meet the Albertina Library, belonging to the University and the new town hall with its clock tower and a lapid Latin phrase:

"Death is true in uncertain time"

What else to see in Leipzig? Do not miss the pedestrian street, with its street musicians and dozens of shops or the Markt, with its square surrounded by buildings and restaurants with terraces. Other attractions are Nikolai church, with its pink and green interior and its palm-shaped columns; University; the opera; the Peterkirche, Gothic style and tallest building in the city, and the Bach Memorial in Thomaskirche.

2. Dresden

Dresden - Scanrail1

It is the second most populous city after Leipzig (they are an hour and a half away by train). In the downtown area is the Kreuzkirche church, restored after World War II (Tuesday and Thursday there is a free organ concert) and the town hall building with its huge tower. Very close there is the Neumark, with the Frauenkirche (also rebuilt tempo).

In the old city is the Gallery of Modern Art, the Bruhl terrace (overlooking the Elbe River) and Schlossplatz (the palace square). Worthy of mention are also the ceramic mural that represents all the Saxon kings, the Georgentor Gate and several museums on Palace Street. And do not hesitate to climb the tower of the palace, it has 222 steps but it is worth it for the wonderful views it offers.

3. Meissen

Meissen - Olaf Ludwig

It is a small town on the banks of the Elbe River and famous for its porcelain factories. From the train station the great castle (Albechtsburg) and the cathedral are divided, both in the highest part. Altmarkt is a very pretty square where the tourist office is and you also have to admire the Frauenkirche, with its porcelain bells.

To climb towards the old town you will have to travel narrow streets surrounded by houses of many colors. Crossing the entrance gate to the citadel and reaching Domplatz is a must. You can enter the Gothic cathedral, with a chapel where members of the Wettin royal family, princes of Saxony, are buried.

4. Chemnitz

Chemnitz - commons.wikimedia.org

On the banks of the river of the same name, the third most important city in Saxony is not as touristy as Dresden or Leipzig, but it also has its charm. Also called "City of Karl Marx" in honor of this revolutionary philosopher, Chemnitz has a central square (Markt) that was rebuilt after the war, in the historic center.

ANDn this area is also located the old gothic town hall, the Stadtkirche St.Jakobi church (founded in 1165), the baroque palace Siegertsches Haus and the remains of the red tower that formed part of the city wall.

Don't miss the monument to Karl Marx in this city, the Theaterplatz with its opera and its beautiful museums, located in majestic renovated mansions.

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