8 places in Galicia that deserve a getaway

The Galician lands are beautiful, nobody can deny that. Place full of myths and legends, mountains and valleys, rivers and capes, ... and much more. Thus, we will visit some of the places of Galicia that have something special and that deserve a visit.

Places of Galicia that you can't miss

If you like nature and are organizing a getaway during this summer, Galicia offers dozens of wonderful corners, for example:

1. Monte Santa Tecla

Monte de Santa Tecla - LFRabanedo

To the south of Galicia, in the municipality of La Guardia, this hill of steep slopes falls towards the Miño River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a strategic enclave for centuries.

But in addition to magnificent views, here you can visit an old celtic castro. A town that will help us to understand a little better the way of life of the primitive inhabitants of Galicia. And if you follow the via crucis, you will reach a 12th-century chapel, in Romanesque style, behind which there is a beautiful stone cross

2. Vineyards of the Rías Baixas

Rías Baixas - avarand

The Rías Baixas extend from Cape Finisterre to the Portuguese border. In this area we can highlight many sites, especially their traditional villages and beaches.

But Do not miss the vineyards. Vineyards that produce the grape with which one of Galicia's best known wines, albariño, is made. An ideal wine to accompany octopus and seafood. Do not forget to make a wine route in the region of Salnés.

3. Cíes Islands

Rhodes Beach, Cíes Islands - arousa

They are located at the exit of the Vigo estuary and can be reached by fast boat. Here you will enjoy beautiful beaches and dream landscapes. They have a daily limit of 2200 visitors and although it seems a lot, that quota is completed immediately in high season.

The islands (called "of the Gods" by the Romans) are declared national park for its natural wealth and also of its seabed.

4. Beach of the Cathedrals

Beach of the Cathedrals, Lugo - Migel

This beautiful place located in Lugo calls your attention already from the name. And the reason why it was decided to baptize it in this way is because of the shape of its cliffs. For thousands of years the wind and the sea eroded the rocks, which today look like vaults and arches like those of the churches.

Do not stop walking on the beach at low tide, enjoying the sea breeze. But you must remember that In peak seasons, access to the beach is limited.

5. Castro Park

Vigo - Stefano_Valeri

The viewpoint of this park in Vigo offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Galicia. The estuaries and mountains can be seen without problems.

And not just the views, you can also enjoy the ancient fortification that is located at the top of this mountain. A castle surrounded by beautiful gardens.

"He who is accustomed to travel knows that it is always necessary to leave one day."

-Paulo Coelho-

6. Sil Canyon

Ribeira Sacra, Galicia - Pabkov

In the Ribeira Sacra, between Lugo and Ourense, the mountains were eroded for years by the Sil River, and the result is an abrupt gorge 500 meters deep. For those who do not suffer from vertigo, we recommend the Balcones de Madrid, a viewpoint hanging over the abyss.

But, in addition to showing you some of the most beautiful places in Galicia, the Ribeira Sacra will surprise you with wonderful monasteries. Visiting them is almost an obligation if you find yourself in this region.

7. Lanzada Beach

A Lanzada beach, Pontevedra - avarand

It is one of the most famous beaches in Galicia and is located between the municipalities of O Grove and Sanxenxo, in the region of Salnés. It is 2.5 kilometers long and it is divided into 3 sections: Fat Areas, Lapa Beach and A Lanzada Beach.

During the summer it is full of tourists and especially young people who surf and windsurf. And is that This is a great area for water sports.

8. Fragrances of Eume

Fragas de Eume - Ramon Espelt Photography

In A Coruña we can hear many legends about the origins of the land and local landscapes. But also, We recommend you go to this mysterious forest where sunlight does not always reach the ground. The Fragas de Eume extend along the homonymous river

One of the places of Galicia with its own legend. He says that God created 3 rivers from Serra do Xistral (Landro, Masma and Eume) and told them that the first to reach the sea would receive one man a year. On the tour they decided to rest but only the Eume kept his word. When he learned of the deception he accelerated his march and managed to be the first. That is why it is brave, and until the moment in which the reservoirs were built it took the life of a man every year.

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