We help you find the best neighborhood to stay in London

Every year there are several millions of people who visit the British capital for many reasons: the diversity of its streets, its incredible monuments, its markets, its people ... The city is large and imposing, therefore, Finding a good place to stay in London can be a headache. We want to help you choose well.

It is true that finding a good hotel at an acceptable price in the city is complicated, but it is far from impossible.The capital of the Thames has a huge hotel offer It adapts to all types of travelers, tastes, pockets and needs. There are hundreds of hotels, apartments, hostels or bed and breakfast scattered throughout the city, so it will be difficult not to find the site we are looking for.

Where stay in london

The first thing you have to think about before going to London is the budget you have. The second, what do you want to do in the city. Do you want to live London life? Do you want to visit museums? Are you interested in the history of the city or do you prefer the most cosmopolitan part? Ask yourself these questions to know which area best suits you. These are some possibilities:

1. West End

Trafalgar Square - andersphoto

This is your neighborhood if you are looking for "sleep in the center" and be close to the main tourist attractions, shops and places to go out. In the area you will find Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus or Trafalgar Square.

But you must consider something important: in London not all places of interest are located in the center, so you will need to use public transport yes or yes. This should not worry you, since the whole city is very well connected in general through the mythical underground and the famous London buses.

2. Paddington, Bayswater or Notting Hill

Notting Hill - Olivier Bruchez / Flickr.com

When it comes to staying in London, these three neighborhoods offer us a more moderate price than the previous one. further, are much quieter areas and that they give us a neighborhood atmosphere. They are located just 20 minutes from downtown by subway.

They also have places of interest like Hyde Park, Kensington Palace or the Portobello market. If you travel on the last weekend of August, you can also enjoy the well-known Notting Hill Carnival.

3. Kensington-Victoria

Royal Albert Hall - pxl.store

Here you will find your perfect accommodation if what interests you most in the city are the numerous and great museums (such as Victoria & Albert or Natural History) or Royal London, with Buckingham Palace in the lead.

One more point in favor of this area is that there is the great station of Victoria, which connects directly to central London and Gatwick Airport.

On the other hand, Kensington is one of the most frequented areas of London to go out at night. It has a large number of very exclusive restaurants and clubs and is the perfect place to enjoy drinks and London nightlife.

4. Bloomburg and King's Cross

Covent Garden - Ray in Manila / Flickr.com

This will be your chosen area if you are looking to go out every morning and find quiet streets, streets from which history emanates on all four sides.

Further, They are located very close to places of mandatory stop in the city such as the famous Covent Garden market, where you can enjoy a coffee with live music in the background, or Oxford Street, with some of London's main stores. On the other hand, you will find dozens of antique dealers and bookstores with the typical English charm.

5. The City of London

City - Mike Clegg / Flickr.com

By last, This is the best area if you want to enjoy the most cosmopolitan part of London, with the mixture of modernity and Victorian style. It is the financial area of ​​the city, with an intense business life during the day.

«When you are tired of London, you are tired of life; in London there is everything that life can offer. »

-Samuel Johnson-

There are more possibilities to stay in London. In recent years, neighborhoods such as Shoreditch or Clerckwell have become very fashionable, increasingly frequented, especially by young people interested in design and modern architecture.

This area will be ideal to know the eastern part of the city, such as the Tower of London or the Tower Brigde and, in addition, will allow us to be in a short time in the center of the capital.

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