Croatia in photos: essential places

We will discover all the beauty of Croatia in photos. From fabulous natural spaces to cities full of history, from magnificent monuments to paradisiacal beaches. This is one of those dream trips you will want to do now!

1. Croatia in photos: the great attraction, the Plitvice lakes

Plitvice Lakes - Fesus Robert

A succession of lakes linked by fantastic waterfalls. Completely crystalline waters and surroundings of authentic story. In short: Plitvice lakes are a paradise. It was inevitable, our tour of Croatia in photos had to start with one of its great attractions.

2. Krka: a small Plitvice

Krka Falls - ZM_Photo

Much less known than Plitvice's, but no less beautiful. In Krka National Park the pools and waterfalls are also fabulous. With an advantage: the bathroom is allowed. And on a small island a tiny but incredible monastery is discovered.

3. Split and its fabulous palace

Diocletian's Palace, Split - xbrchx

The next stop on our trip through Croatia in photos is one of its historic cities. In Split, the magnificent Diocletian's Palace stands out. A spectacular walled building 200 meters long. With its almost two thousand years of history, it continues to amaze who visits it.

4. Pula, in the shadow of the Colosseum in Rome

Pula Amphitheater - OPIS Zagreb

Pula was another important city during the Roman Empire. And this is evidenced by his fabulous amphitheater. Elliptically, its longest axis is 130 meters long and you can still see 72 magnificent arches that shape it. In its time of splendor, up to 20,000 spectators fit here.

5. Hvar, a luxury destination

Hvar - xbrchx

It is the longest island in the Adriatic. On its surface you can enjoy virgin forests and spectacular beaches, as well as the smell of lavender. Destination "chic" in Croatia, do not miss walking through its capital, small, but delicious.

6. Brac, the most amazing beach in Croatia

Zlatni Rat beach - paul prescott

Another of the fantastic Croatian island. What does Brac have in particular? Especially a beach, Zlatni Rat. With its horn shape that goes into the sea, it is unmistakable. Half a kilometer of golden sands and crystal clear waters, a true paradise!

7. Dubrovnic, a legendary city

Dubrovnic - Ajan Alen

Surrounded by a wall with 16 towers, the city still retains its beauty, although it was severely bombed during the Balkan War. Its streets and palaces will transport you to other times. No wonder it was chosen as one of the scenarios of Game of Thrones.

8. Zadar, magical sunsets

Zadar - Tim Ertl /

Another beautiful walled city with magnificent Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings. But if there is something that Zadar is known for, it is for its spectacular sunsets. They say that they are the most beautiful in the world. Willing to check it out?

9. Trakoscan

Trakoscan Castle - Phant

Built in the 13th century, Trakoscan Castle is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in Croatia. It was restored, yes, in the nineteenth century, hence that romantic air that today offers. A fairytale castle in an environment of enormous beauty.

10. Primosten

Primosten - paul prescott

We finish this tour of Croatia in photos in one of the most unique corners of the country. It has two small peninsulas. In one of them, a charming town of medieval airs. In the other, a beautiful forest and dream beaches. Can you ask for more?

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