Guilin in China and its amazing landscapes

The city of Guilin in China, which means "laurel forest", is a starting point to discover a spectacular region thanks to its karst mountains, crystalline rivers and landscapes that were the perfect canvas in the works of various painters and poets. An area that, according to geologists, was part of a large lake 300 million years ago and today is dominated by impressive peaks of curious shapes.

The natural landscapes of Guilin in China they wonder those who see them, especially those on the banks of the Li River. A river that writhes in an amazing way between spectacular mountains.

Landscapes that can be enjoyed navigating the river. But the more adventurous can take the opportunity to go climbing and the most comfortable can choose to climb the Yao mountain by chair lift to enjoy a vision that is very difficult to forget.

Li River - Sean Pavone

Guilin's beautiful lakes in China

The city of Guilin is known for being surrounded by beautiful lakes. They highlight Lake Banyan, named in the native language as "Rong Hu", and Lake Cedar, also called in the original language as "Shan Hu". These are two of the largest and most famous lakes and an unforgettable cruise called «Two Rivers and Four Lakes» begins.

Li River, Guilin - aphotostory

Cedar Lake was named after the cedar trees that grew in this area., right on the shore. At night this lake becomes a real show thanks to the yellow lights that dye it.

In this place there are both the Sun Tower and the Moon Tower. The first is the highest and is painted in gold. Both towers can be visited and nearby is an aquarium. These towers are similar to Buddhist pagodas and you can usually hear the Buddhist music that is perceived during the day.

The mythical mountain Yao

Yao Mountain is the highest found in Guilin. This has become a real attraction for all of China and foreigners visiting the city. It is located near the suburbs of the city, about 10 kilometers from the center.

Yao Mountain, Guilin - Sean Pavone

This mountain, which reaches 900 meters high, stands out for its tombs and natural landscapes. On its hillside, 450 meters high is the Yao temple, which was named the same as the mountain and was built during the Qin dynasty. During the month of March the hill becomes a great spectacle of colorful azaleas.

Further on, about 700 meters high is the Bailu temple, which was the residence of an emblematic Tang dynasty monk. But they are not the only sacred precincts, the visitor can also contemplate the temple of Zhusheng, from the time of the Ming dynasty, also known as the Mau Ping temple. Further, right at the foot of the top is a huge Buddha.

"The trips serve to know the customs of the different peoples and to shed the prejudice that it is only the country itself, you can live the way you are used to."

-Rene Descartes-

The fantastic Folded Brocade Hill

This Guilin attraction in China is presented as a park that offers various pavilions, beautiful views of the city, nearby mountains and climbed by steep stone steps. As it progresses, the visitor will be able to observe different ancient inscriptions on the walls and the occasional cave that leads to the mountain path.

Guilin - Vadim Petrakov

This hill is located near the north-central area of ​​Guilin, on the Li River. The hill was named for its strange appearance of horizontal rocks, in fact, in China, it is called "Diecai Shan", which really means hill of folded colors.

The place is divided into four peaks: Siwang peak, Yuyue peak, crane peak and Ming Yue. On the tour the visitor can find the impressive Cave of the Wind, which takes the form of a pumpkin and into which only one person can enter. The name has to do with the cool breeze that is presented inside and there are more than 90 Buddha sculptures of the Tang and Song dynasties.

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