We cross the banks of the Manzanares river in Madrid

Not only does it cross the entire community, but The Manzanares River in Madrid offers varied attractions throughout its course, both in the capital and far from it. We tell you all about this tributary of the Jarama, which, in turn, is from the Tagus, one of the great rivers of the Iberian Peninsula.

Course of Manzanares river in Madrid

Without extending too much, it is worth noting that the Manzanares is born in the Sierra de Guadarrama and flows into the Jarama River after traveling just 92 kilometers. «Arroyo apprentice de Rio», Francisco de Quevedo described it.

Manzanares River - Santiago Samaniego / Flickr.com

But nevertheless, in its extension the Manzanares hosts two regional parks. And not only that, but in its urban section it can be navigated with canoes thanks to the channeling and damming of the waters.

The high course begins at more than 2,000 meters high. A little further on, it passes through the urban center of Manzanares el Real (bordering the Mendoza Castle) and through Colmenar Viejo and its old bridges. Kilometers later it crosses the mount of the Pardo and the homonymous town to arrive at the capital.

In Madrid, it crosses the Puerta de Hierro and the bridge of the French, crossing the city through the old pasture of Arganzuela, the Casa de Campo, Latina and Villaverde.It is precisely in the urban section where the river has changed the most over the centuries and especially in recent years, going from being a degraded area to an oasis within the capital.

When you leave the city, the river borders the Manzanares Linear Park, it crosses the district of Perales del Río (Getafe) and ends when passing through the Regional Park of the Southeast of Madrid, ending at the Jarama river.

A day in Madrid Rio

Madrid Rio - La Citta Vita / Flickr.com

Madrid Río is the image of radical transformation of the Manzanares River in Madrid. A huge leisure and recreation space that extends from the bridge of the French to the Manzanares Linear Park, on both sides of the river and completely pedestrian.

This narrow strip of land parallel to the river has an extension of 7 kilometers and a privileged situation. Here the river passes almost touching the Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral and the Parque del Oeste. A little further along it runs under the Toledo bridge and near the door of the same name. And almost at the end, bathes the old slaughterhouse, today cultural center.

To this we must add its excellent communications. Madrid Río can be reached using several Metro lines and commuter trains, as well as urban buses.

Recovery example

Madrid Río - Abel de Burgos / Flickr.com

Until not many years ago, what are now pleasant walks and areas dedicated to leisure, sports and rest, was an area marked by noise and pollution. The M-30 ring road ran through these lands.

Today that road is buried and the asphalt has given way to landscaped areas, bike lanes, sports areas, playgrounds and a series of modern walkways that cross it from side to side. Example of how the urban landscape can change for the better. Today, this is where the Manzanares River in Madrid sports one of its best faces.

"Madrid is like a woman not too pretty, but you can't live without her."

-Antonio Mingote-

Attractions of the Manzanares River in Madrid

Madrid Rio - Oscar F. Hevia / Flickr.com

If you are already thinking about knowing the banks of the Manzanares River in Madrid, you should know that there is much to enjoy. You can see the bridge of Segovia (16th century) or that of Toledo (18th century). Around it, in addition, you will find landscaped areas.

The esplanade of the King's bridge is the setting for events and celebrations. A little later you can walk through the Pine Hall and from the bridge of Segovia you can enjoy incredible views of the Royal Palace and the Cathedral.

In the Arganzuela area you will find sports courts and what was the old slaughterhouse, today a recovered space for all kinds of manifestations related to the cultural field. In addition, throughout Madrid Rio there are children's areas and a perfect bike path for walking (you can rent the bikes there).

Did you imagine the Manzanares river in Madrid? Maybe a river learner, but very attractive and with many possibilities.

Cover photo: Abel de Burgos

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