North India: we visit its great treasures

Today we are going on a trip to an exotic country and full of things to see. We cross the wonderful north of India, full of interesting monuments and activities. If you do not know where to start to organize your trip to the country, you are about to discover it. Follow our advice to enjoy India during your stay!

Why travel to India?

Ranakpur Temple

Traveling to northern India or any corner of the country is, without a doubt, a unique experience. From its origins, the India has always been a meeting place between cultures, religions and customs. Its inhabitants live in harmony with each other, respecting their faith and traditions.

Perhaps that is what most attracts the attention of India: It is a cultural and exotic destination. A place to get in touch with people other than Westerners. A destination that cares about different things: health, well-being, spirituality ... Everything mixes in its streets, neighborhoods, temples, shrines ...

It is not surprising that more and more people are encouraged to visit this country. It is an adventure!

Organize a trip to northern India

North India is the most multicultural country region. Different religions coexist in the area, so it is a good way to start our trip around the country. In addition, it is where the most interesting places are located ... Although not all! This is what you don't have to miss in the north zone!

1. Visit the wonderful Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Impossible not to mention this beautiful architectural work ... right? The mausoleum, located in Agra and one of the seven wonders of the world, It is the perfect place to start our journey through northern India. How to miss the sunset here? What will it be like to see the sun fall dyeing the white tones of the palace?

Do not miss it. Stroll through its gardens, admire it from all points ... And stay until the sun goes down.

2. The golden temple of Amritsar

Golden Temple of Amritsar

After seeing the Taj Mahal, it is time to visit the rest of northern India to continue admiring its architecture and, of course, temples of all religions. This time, we visited you the Golden Temple of Amritsar. It is situated in the city of the same name and It is one of the places most traveled by believers of the Sikh religion.

Although it may not seem like it, this temple receives thousands of visits a week, surpassing even the Taj Mahal. If you approach Amritsar, We recommend you stay and see it at night. Or better, it comes at sunset!

3. More temples to visit

Temple of the Rats

Alongside these two that we just mentioned, there are also impressive temples where you can stop in the north of India. To get started, you have to visit the famous Temple of Rats, Karni Mata. It is located in the town of Bikaner and is famous for hosting hundreds of specimens of rats inside.

For believers in Hinduism, It is considered a sacred animal, so inside the temple offerings of milk and food are made. In addition, it is a place of legend: if you see a white rat among all the black ones there will be your most precious wish.

It also highlights the Raknapur temple, one of the largest of the Jain religion, and the Khajuraho temple, further away from the tourist area.

«The spiritual relationship is much more precious than the physical one. The physical relationship without the spiritual is how the body without a soul. »

-Mahatma Gandhi-

4. Cities to visit

Ganges River

Following our route through the temples, we recommend visiting two cities: Benares and Pushkar. Benares has the peculiarity that the Ganges River passes through it. There the Hindu, Buddhist and Jainist cultures coexist. We recommend you to take a walk through the city, on the banks of the river, and visit its Golden Temple.

Pushkar, on the other hand, is another city of pilgrimage. A more tourist city and in the middle of a beautiful lake. Get lost in its streets! You'll love it.

5. How to miss Indian food?

In addition to its temples and multiculturalism, India stands out for something: its food. Take advantage of your stay in North India to taste the best dishes of its gastronomy You can see how they are made and taste them with the totally natural ingredients there. Some plates? The chana masala, the Biryani, chicken and curry ...

You have already seen it! Traveling to the north of India you can live unforgettable experiences. In your hand is to be able to enjoy them. What are you waiting to start organizing your trip?

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