Why travel to the wonderful Atacama desert in Chile?

In our dreams we will have seen large spaces of land, dry and arid where we run in a race that has no end. What if we take you to one of those dream scenarios? Get ready because you are about to discover why it is worth traveling half the world to reach the Atacama desert. It is one of the most fascinating deserts!

Atacama Desert, journey to the end of the world. Or not?

Atacama Desert

Our planet is full of impressive landscapes: waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains, cliffs ... And of course, deserts. In places where the weather is fundamentally humid it's weird to see landscapes like these. Therefore, many tourists from Europe and other parts of the world are struck by the Atacama Desert.

Located in South America, the Atacama Desert It is considered one of the great deserts of the world, Behind Antarctica, the Arctic or the famous Sahara. It has an area of ​​105,000 km² and is one of the best known places in Chile.

Another of the most special aspects of this desert is that It is a region of the world rich in minerals such as copper, iron, gold and silver. Also minerals such as sodium, boron, potassium and lithium. In fact, it is popular to have heard of the famous Atacama salt flats. And you? Have you ever heard it?

Why travel to the Atacama desert?

Now that we have some brushstrokes over the Atacama desert in Chile, let's make some ideas clear. Why is it worth crossing the Atlantic to get here? We tell you!

1. It is the best place in the world to see the stars

Valley of the moon

For astronomy lovers, the Atacama Desert It is the perfect screen to see the sky. The reason is its geographical situation: there is hardly any humidity in the air, no cloudiness and the level of height with respect to the sea is quite optimal.

It is also because, being a desert, is far from light pollution and radioelectric, factors that make the sky not have that presence of space lights.

If you are one of those who take out the telescope every time there is an eclipse or some astronomical event, this is your place. Or simply, if you are an astronomy lover, let us tell you that in the Atacama area there are more than twelve astronomical observatories, the most important and largest in the world. That said: Atacama is the place of the stars.

2. The flowers of the Atacama desert

Flowerful desert

On some occasions, due to a spectacular natural atmospheric phenomenon, the Atacama Desert dresses up. The entire region is filled with violet, yellow, red or white flowers and the landscape changes radically.

All this is due to the phenomenon of "El Niño", which takes place every 3-8 years, cyclically on our planet. It consists of a warming in the surface water of the sea that causes the formation of intense clouds that cross the ocean and discharge in large quantities on the surface.

The place is usually South America and in the Atacama desertthe abundant waters change the composition of the soil, in such a way that the ideal conditions for these flowers to germinate are given. Every time “El Niño” occurs, visits to the desert multiply. As if not to do it, right?

3. Landscapes of another planet

Tatio geysers

Perhaps it is evident, but due to the wide extent of the desert, its geographical location and its chemical composition, really interesting landscapes are formed for the view. Because of its latitude, the sun plays an important role in the formation of the colors that stain the Atacama desert.

Often, it's common to see the pink sky and the landscapes in brownish pastel colors, a panorama that sometimes can make it seems that we are on another planet. In mars!

In the Atacama desert there are also popular places such as the famous Death Valley, the Tatio geysers, the Desert Hand or the salt flats.

What do you think of our reasons for traveling to the Atacama desert? Do you already have sunglasses, sunscreen and canteen with fresh water ready? Not yet? Well it is already taking time to prepare your backpack to live one of the most beautiful trips in the world!

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