Elvas in Portugal, World Heritage city

Elvas is a beautiful little city, almost unknown to those outside Portugal. And it will not be because it has few things that make it a wonderful locality and worth knowing. Have you heard of her?

This beautiful city It is very close to the border with Spain and about 200 kilometers from Lisbon. It is a perfect stop before reaching the capital, if you enter Portugal through Badajoz.

What is special about Elvas?

Fort of Nossa Senhora da Graça

As we have already seen, Elvas is a special city. It is small and its monuments are close to each other. Therefore, walking through its streets is an experience. The main attraction of the city is its aqueduct, built between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Further, This is the city with the most fortifications in Europe. It boasts of having seven bastions and two fortresses, both declared World Heritage by Unesco.

If you are passionate about history, you cannot miss the opportunity to stop there. Its medieval walls will take your breath away and they won't steal you too long (it won't take you more than a couple of hours). But if you have time, travel its five kilometers, it is worth it.

Are you still wondering what is special about this city? Well, we have more, since the city not only has a rich historical heritage, but also a cultural one. Every year the International Carnival of Elvas is celebrated, with dozens of parades that parade through the streets and that will undoubtedly remind you of Rio de Janeiro.

What else to see in Elvas?

Republic Square - Pedro Paulo Palazzo / Flickr.com

We have already dropped some of the strategic stops of Elvas, such as its famous aqueduct or the fortresses of Santa Luzia and Nossa Senhora da Graça. From the castle you will get some of the best views of the city. Free entrance.

The English Cemetery is very close to him, where some English soldiers who fought in the area against Napoleon's troops are buried.

In the Plaza de la República, which acts as a main square, is the tourist office, where they will advise you on what you can do and visit in the city. Also, right next door, don't miss the cathedral, which you can also visit and you will surely love it.

Other places of interest are the city's museums, including the Elvas Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Photography or the Military.

Where to eat in Elvas?

Fort of Saint Lucia

After visiting the city and marveling at it, it's time to regain strength. Thus, we recommend two restaurants of excellent quality and fairly cheap prices.

The first is the Vinha da Amada restaurant, located in Estrada de Juromenha. This is a family restaurant, and it shows, it is typical 100% homemade food.

The service is fast and this is a great option if you do not want to waste too much time eating, but you want to enjoy Alentejo cuisine. Further, has parking own, one more point in favor of this restaurant.

The second recommendation is the Adega Regional restaurant (Rua Joao de Casqueiro, 22B). The dishes are also delicious and abundant. The value for money is very good and worth it.

How to get to Elvas?

Fort of Nossa Senhora da Graça

If we have already convinced you to visit Elvas, you just have to know how to get there. As we have said before, it is a border city. If you access Portugal through the Badajoz border, you will see it right away, because it is raised on a hill.

A city of another barely 20 kilometers away, so it will only take half an hour once you have passed the city of Extremadura if you come on the A-5.

After crossing the border, you must drive on the Portuguese A-6 for about 6 kilometers. After taking the Estr. Do Caia / N4 exit you will find a roundabout. There you must take the second exit and proceed along Av. De Badajoz / N4. That is the entrance to Elvas!

When you visit it, you will realize how many treasures a small city like this can have. Not for nothing is a World Heritage Site.

Video: ELVAS Portugal UNESCO World Heritage Site - Part I (January 2020).