Google seeks volunteers to travel with a camera

The famous multinational Google is looking for volunteers to travel with a special camera that they provide. The objective is to make photographic records of those places that the company cannot reach with its vehicles. All the information will go to Google Maps.

Travel volunteers must, of course, be people who travel on any means of transportation, particularly on little-known trails. The program is called Street View Trekkers and it is intended, above all, for walkers who want to share the findings they find on their route.

What Google offers these volunteers to travel is a backpack with technology tip, on loan. The device is equipped with a 360 ° camera, compatible with the app of Street view. It allows to capture images of the highest quality and offers total comfort for transport.

Travel volunteers must meet minimum requirements, demanded by Google. They may or may not be photographers.. Applications from non-profit groups, such as NGOs, universities, research groups, etc. are also accepted.

Not all of them must be experienced walkers. Google is also interested in adding people interested in photographing cultural or historical heritage. They also look for those who can capture images of companies.

To participate in this call, a form must be filled out of Google. It is necessary to complete all the fields and send the format completely processed. Then, Google will evaluate the volunteer candidates for travel and get in touch with those selected.

Obviously, Google has received, and continues to receive, thousands of requests from around the world. Therefore, they clarify that it is impossible for them to respond to all interested parties. In a nutshell, They may never answer you or that they do it simply with an automatic mail.

The program is not available in all countries. Month by month, the Internet giant expands the number of places included in the program. However, at the moment it does not cover all the nations of the planet. Of course, you must take into account the country where you are going, not necessarily your country of origin.

Google has not published specific selection criteria. Volunteers are chosen to travel at discretion. Despite this, it is clear that if you are an accomplished traveler and if you have experience with image management, your chances of being selected increase significantly.

It is important to clarify that the company does not offer any kind of economic consideration for the images that are captured and sent.

The contribution of Google is limited to providing the camera equipped backpack, which must be returned on the date agreed by the company and the traveler. Needless to say, the team must be in perfect condition at the time of returning it.

The application form

As we anticipated, if you are interested, you must fill out a form provided by Google. In this, initially you must include the basic identification and location data. Also specify the place or places where you intend to carry out the photographic registration.

There is a field in which you must explain why you are interested in participating in this program. There you must specify the places you plan to photograph. Also point out why those places may be of interest or are striking.

It is very important that you offer concrete answers and convincing for those questions. They will not give you the backpack if your project has no greater interest for regular Google users.

It will also help you to keep in mind the characteristics of the sites you are going to photograph, in detail. Giving vague or general information will only remove points. Show that you are clear about your project is the fundamental aspect for you to be selected within the program.

Other important data

There is one aspect that is sometimes overlooked and that is very relevant. Not all sites can be photographed freely, either because it is part of their conservation policy, or because they involve some aspect of security that cannot be ignored.

You must be sure that there are no restrictions to take photos of your objective. And if there are any, you must take it into account to know if you can obtain a permit or a safe-conduct that allows you to do so, even partially.

Finally, you must also be clear why you want to volunteer to travel. The biggest benefit will be taken by those who have a blog or a website where they can show the photographs and show that they have been selected for the project.

Video: Brian Kelly: "The Points Guy". Talks at Google (January 2020).