Enjoy the trekking season in Nepal

Do you like sports and love to travel? If so, pay close attention. We show you how to practice your favorite hobby in a unique destination. Today we will tell you how to take advantage of the season of trekking in Nepal, a sport that you will enjoy here like nowhere else. You sign up?

What is the trekking?

The trekking It is a sport that involves hiking through natural landscapes such as forests, rivers or mountains. Right now you will think that it is the same as hiking, but it has notable differences.

The main distinction is that the trekking It is done by isolated natural landscapes, not adapted. The opposite of hiking, which is done through marked routes and places.

The second difference of trekking regarding hiking is that requires more physical effort. Although both may have a duration that depends on the intention of the practitioner, the trekking It is usually accompanied by camping and longer durations.

As the trekking It is done in uninhabited places, it requires not only physically, but adventurous spirit, willpower and positive attitude. In the end, everything that practices this sport embarks on an adventure.

Where to perform trekking in Nepal?

As you have seen, the trekking only performed in unchanged landscapes. And that is why Nepal is an excellent gateway for those who want to travel nothing more and nothing less to the Himalayas to enjoy the scenery.

In this country you will have access to interesting routes, like the ones you can see below. Take note! And remember, the best season to do it is from April to November, although the preferred months are October and November.

1. Trekking on Mount Everest

Everest View

The famous Everest is the main destination for those who wish to do trekking in Nepal After all, it is the highest peak in the world, with 8,848 meters. In the surroundings there is a natural park formed by mountains, rivers and gorges, as well as forests and dense glaciers. An adventure

There are several options to perform trekking Around the area. One of the routes begins in the city of Lukla. It has 64 kilometers and lasts approximately six days.

There are longer options, such as the one that crosses the Everest base camp. They are 21 days long and 228 kilometers long. A route between mountains, more risk and, above all, physical preparation. In total, you have to cross three large mountain peaks, KalaPattar, Cho La and Renjo La.

2. Langtang National Park

Langtang National Park - Mark Horrell / Flickr.com

This is the best way to try for the first time in the trekking in Nepal The tours they are of medium difficulty and travel incredible landscapes through the valley of this beautiful natural park. This place is not as busy as Everest, but the crossings have the same beauty: rivers, trails, forests and lakes.

The durations of the routes in the Langtang Valley are varied. There are tours of six or seven days and mountain routes of 12 or 13 days. Yes, you will not be able to perform trekking in this place if you don't have a TIMS permit (Trekking Informatoin Managen System), a log of hikers.

3. Trekking by the Annapurnas

Together with Everest, the Annapurnas region is the most popular of travelers who make trekking in Nepal for its options for all athletes. In it one ascends to Annapurna I, of more than 8 000 meters. The route through this area will also take you approximately one week.

But this tour has something that makes it different from others. For this region you can meet different ethnicities and unique cultures of Nepal. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity to know different ways of life, while enjoying a unique landscape and environment. It will surprise you!

Tips to perform trekking

Doing sports and traveling to places like these requires prior preparation If we don't want to take surprises. The most important thing is to bring a good supply of healthy foods and rich in proteins and vitamins, which are the ones that provide the most calories.

It is essential to wear adequate equipment, comfortable clothes and shoes specially designed for the conditions of the Nepalese mountains.

On the other hand, to move your route trekking you will need a compass, since there are no signposted places you will have to maintain the orientation. As you move you will need a canteen or any container to store water. And you will also need ropes and hooks.

The main rule of fans to trekking it's simple: don't harm nature. You must preserve the landscapes, not litter or destroy the environments. These are unique ecosystems that we do not find anywhere on the planet. And now you only have to decide when you want to travel to the Himalayas. Are you ready?

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