Coorg: discover everything you can do in this Indian region

The Coorg region is a fantastic place to discover on your trip to India. Direct contact with nature makes this the country's favorite destination for hikers. Walking through its green areas, full of trees and plants, is the main attraction of these lands.

However, in Coorg you can do many more things. For example, you can know the main tourist points of the city. OR you can visit the large coffee plantations and try this delicious hot drink.

Of course also you must try here some of the most typical dishes of the country and discover a gastronomy where spices are the protagonists. Find out about the things you can do in Coorg to add this region to your route through India.

Enjoy hiking in Coorg

Waterfall in Coorg

The Coorg region, also known as Kodagu, It has a broad natural character. Its green areas, where you can breathe the purest air of India, let you know this part of the Asian country on foot.

Hiking is the most advisable activity in Coorg. Walking the trails surrounded by lush vegetation is very comforting. It is also to find waterfalls and water reservoirs on your route.

Elephant park

Elephants in Coorg - Mark Miller /

On your visit to Coorgyou can visit the Dubare Elephant Camp. It is an elephant park where there are numerous specimens of this animal. It is a little remote, but the journey itself is another tourist attraction.

It's like that because To get to the Coorg Elephant Park you have to cross the Kaveri River. You will do it on a boat that takes about five minutes to reach the other side. A perfect way to reach our destination and start the day in the best way.

Herenot only can you see the elephants, but you can interact with them. For example, you can feed them, always accompanied by the guides of the enclosure. You can also go to the river to see from a privileged position how they bathe or you can walk through the park on the back of one of these animals.

Another place where you can see elephants, this time in the form of a statue, is in Madikeri Fort. Specifically, they are two real-scale sculptures that are located near a Gothic church that you can visit in northern Coorg.

Visit the templeOmkareshwar

Near Coorg you can visit the Omkareshwar temple. Be part of the twelve sacred places dedicated to Shiva. This place is located on Mandhata Island, next to the Narmada River, and there you can also visit the Amareshwar Temple.

You can take advantage of the day and, in addition to visiting these temples, also go to see the seat and tomb of Raja or the Bagamandala temple. Everything will depend on the time you have.

Route through the coffee fields

Coffee Plantation in Coorg

If Coorg is known for something, it is for his coffee fields. On your hiking route through this region you cannot miss these plantations. Walking at sunset through these fields so important to the region is a fantastic experience. In addition, you can enjoy the intense aroma of this plant.

Meet the cuisine of India

The cuisine of India is the richest in spices on the entire planet. In Coorg, in addition to trying their delicious coffee, you can enjoy the most important dishes of Indian food.

To get started, In the starters you can order the most typical of all, which is the samosa. It is a type of pie with the outside very crispy, since it is served fried. It is stuffed with potatoes and vegetables.

As for the main course, the chicken tandoori always a good option. It is roasted chicken with spices, which will be different depending on the region of India in which you are. Chicken can be found in many other recipes, as in the tikka masala. In this case, it is cooked with yogurt and served with masala sauce.

To finish the menu, For dessert you can order jalebis. They are made with flour, sugar and mixed with lemon syrup. Then they can be served cold or temperate, and are a perfect companion for Coorg coffee.

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