Three bohemian places in the city of Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires is a beautiful city that will never go out of style. Its atmosphere is unique. On the one hand there is its fascinating architecture, perfectly preserved and that refers to other periods of history. On the other, there are the Buenos Aires, who print a special climate to the city with its liveliness and dynamism.

There are several areas of Buenos Aires that have that bohemian touch that is charming. There are also specific places that keep the multicolored culture that characterizes Argentines alive. They are unmissable places if you go to this wonderful city.

Wonderful corners of the city of Buenos Aires

What makes these sites special is tradition or the magic they exhale. There are those who have been there since the beginning of the 20th century and who witnessed the birth of tango, the first football clubs and the most entrenched Buenos Aires customs.

When visiting them, you visit the soul of Buenos Aires. There are many in the city, but these are three good examples.

1. Tortoni coffee

Café Tortoni - Ramón Covera / Wikimedia Commons

Café Tortoni is in the middle of Avenida de Mayo, in the heart of Buenos Aires. It is the namesake of a site that was very famous in Paris during the 19th century. It opened in 1858 and became famous for a cultural club that began operating there in 1926. Until 1943 it was the epicenter of the city's cultural life.

Writers, journalists, poets and all kinds of intellectuals have gathered there to hold lively conversations, have a drink or have a coffee. Also to listen to good music, witness recitals or enjoy artistic shows. In fact, Carlos Gardel was one of the regulars of the place.

He currently presents tango and jazz shows every week. It has a library, billiards and board games room. The name of this place appears in the lyrics of a tango called Old Tortoni. It retains its original decoration and it is one of the most emblematic corners of the city of Buenos Aires.

2. The 36 billiards

36 billiards - Wally Gobetz / Wikimedia Commons

Los 36 billiards bar and restaurant is another one of those places that has survived the weather in a great way. It opened in 1894, almost at the same time as Avenida de Mayo. It is characterized by its famous tango musical shows and, of course, the billiards that work in the underground area.

Notable art and entertainment figures have passed through here. He remembers seeing characters like Federico García Lorca at his tables, among others.

In 2013 it had a temporary closure, after the store was acquired by a chain of pizzerias. However, the following year it worked again as it had for more than a century.

The billiard room is, without a doubt, the best in Buenos Aires and one of the best in the world. That is why the best players of that parlor game frequent it.

The decoration is spectacular. It has large bronze chandeliers that illuminate the place and give it a majestic air. In its time of splendor it had a Carrara marble bar, which was recently replaced by a very elegant granite bar.

Still life The worker - travelwayoflife /

Still lifes are places that began as small stores or pantries. Then they offered drinks and then were encouraged to serve some homemade dishes.

Over time they became very traditional places to eat. Some of them date from the beginning of the 20th century and They offer the most typical dishes of Buenos Aires cuisine.

In the still lifes there are two great attractions. First, the Buenos Aires spirit in its purest form. That climate of tradition that resists time and shows the most popular facets of the city. Second, the abundance and generosity of the dishes. No one gets hungry after eating in one of these places.

The still life The worker is one of the most recognized. It works in the traditional neighborhood of La Bocaand its decoration leaves no doubt about the passion for football. They say that they eat the best rabas and the best chorizo ​​steak in all of Buenos Aires.

At the time it was a dining room for workers and today a spectacular site that amazes any visitor. It is mandatory to drink mate and try the fabulous fernet they serve there.

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