These are the 5 best beaches in Huelva

We are going to show you which are the best beaches in Huelva, one of the most popular destinations in Spain. Being located in the south of the country, it is a province with good weather and also on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Get ready! Or do not feel like enjoying a good dip?

Huelva, gastronomic and beach destination

Prawns from Huelva

Last year 2017, Huelva was the capital of gastronomy. Lovers of good food were running to the southwest of Spain to enjoy excellent dishes. But what they found in the province exceeded their expectations beyond their taste buds.

Huelva is a province that has incredible natural places. It is also fortunate to be a historical place, since the beginning of the discovery of America began to take shape here.

But as far as gastronomy is concerned, Huelva was declared the capital of gastronomy because it has a wide variety of fresh fish that you can try. In Huelva prawns, seafood and fish await you in the purest Andalusian style.

The best beaches in Huelva

But In this Andalusian province there is much more to enjoy. Now that we have a full stomach, it's time to show you which are the 5 best beaches in Huelva. Pay attention!

1. Punta Umbría Beach

Punta Umbría Beach

Punta Umbría beach is located in the municipality of the same name. Golden sand, fine and nature are the words to describe one of the best beaches in Huelva. Together with the Doñana Park, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

And it is not surprising, since around the beach there are pine and juniper forests and, besides, they have hardly been altered by the action of man. Maybe there may be parking lots, beach bars and restaurants, but the beach has barely been modified.

A crystal clear beach which is located in one of the places in Spain where there is more sunlight. For all these reasons and for many more, Punta Umbría beach has achieved the mention of a blue flag.

2. El Portil Beach

El Portil Beach - Jose A. /

El Portil beach is also located in Punta Umbría. It is the ideal destination for couples and families, but more intimate and far from everything. It is like a small oasis where you can isolate yourself and enjoy the magic of natural and calm beaches. Nearby you can also see the Rompido beach, another of the best beaches in Huelva.

Like the previous beach, It is surrounded by natural parks. In this case, the Natural Reserve of the Laguna del Portil, the Natural Park of the Enebrales of Punta Umbría and the Natural Park of the Marshlands of Odiel.

3. El Rompido Beach

The broken

As we have just mentioned, El Rompido beach is very close to El Portil beach. It belongs to the municipality of Cartaya, which was originally a famous fishing village. Both the beach and the town are worth visiting.

On the beach, tell you that it is located in the Natural Park of the Marshes of the Piedras River, which flows right into that area. From herYou have one more addition to visit: the Arrow of the Rompido, a sandy formation with an arrow or tongue shape that grows parallel to the coast. It will attract your attention to bathe on the beach and see in front ... another beach!

Do not miss an adventure in the middle of nature while feeling the tranquility of the sea refreshing your skin. And don't forget to stop by the town and visit the lighthouse, the old streets or the hermitage of Cartaya.

4. Islantilla Beach

Islantilla Beach

Located on Isla Cristina, this beach is only 20 kilometers from Portugal. It is one of the best beaches in Huelva for its cleanliness (both its waters and surroundings). And in addition, it is a very natural beach, surrounded by vegetation, reason for more so that it has also achieved the recognition of blue flag.

It has a length of 1 kilometer and a half, so we advise you to enjoy a walk along the shore or from the sea area. Enjoy its views and above all, do not miss the sunset, with the sun melting with its waters in one of the best destinations in Spain. You'll love it!

5. Matalascañas Beach

Matalascañas Beach

Finally, Matalascañas beach is another natural place that is located a few meters from Doñana Park. It is one of the best beaches in Spain for a simple reason: it has dunes! It is a natural reserve, it has warm and crystalline waters, well maintained and perfect for a swim.

Further, It is a destination where you can do many different activities. From water sports like surfing, going for a dromedary ride or even playing golf. You will not get bored on this beach!

These are the 5 best beaches in Huelva, although there are many without mentioning and that also deserve to be visited. Do not miss an unforgettable summer in one of the most beautiful corners of Spain. The beach awaits you!

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