Beauregard Castle: know its museum

Beauregard Castle is part of one of the most splendid ensembles of the historical and artistic heritage of France: the route of the castles of the Loire. But there is another very particular reason to visit it, and it is that several centuries of French and European history remain before our eyes thanks to the famous Portrait Gallery inside.

Where is Beauregard Castle

Castle exterior

It is not difficult to get information to make the route of the castles of the Loire. The really difficult thing is to generate our own route to adapt it to our budget and the time we have available.

So take the time to design your itinerary. And whatever it is, include in it this Beauregard Castle, which It is located in the town of Celletes, in the department of Loire and Cher.

Castle or palace?

One of the surprises that many people take when they visit the route of the Loire castles is that These buildings, rather than fortresses, are authentic palaces.

The confusion is due to the fact that in French they are a type of aristocratic and luxurious residences that are called 'chateaux', which we would translate as castles. Meanwhile, palace would be 'palais', a word that in the Gala language is more applied to urban buildings.

Some history of Beauregard Castle

Courtyard of the castle - Eric / Flickr. com

The origins of this construction date back to the 16th century, when here there was a hunting lodge of King Francisco I. It is the same Renaissance monarch who brought Leonardo da Vinci himself to this region to work for him and design the most revolutionary inventions. Specifically, to the neighboring castle of Chambord.

But the history of Beauregard Castle would soon continue in private hands, since In mid-century Jean du Thiers acquired it. An important politician who really built it.

Already in the 17th century it would be another minister, now Pual Arde, who would buy it and renew all the internal decoration. We can say that he and several generations of his descendants would create the ornamentation we see today in the palace, turned into a real museum.

The Portrait Gallery

Castle Portrait Gallery - David Bramhall /

Of all the museum that awaits us during the visit to Beauregard Castle, without a doubt, the most special is the Portrait Gallery. Throughout the 17th century, no more or less than 327 portraits were painted with all the French monarchs from Felipe VI to Louis XIII.

But not only that, but the portraits of their wives and ministers were also painted, as well as the most relevant characters of his court. And he even portrayed other important rulers of his time.

Total, personalities from 26 different countries are represented from different eras, from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. That is why it was wise to say that this stay at Beauregard Castle invites us to take a walk through the history of Europe and Europe as a whole.

The rest of the museum

Portraits Gallery - Rémi de Valenciennes /

Just to see this Portrait Gallery is worth the visit to Beauregard Castle, but there is much more. There are rooms where vintage furniture is preserved that were accumulating their owners throughout the centuries. You will see from cabinetmaking from the 16th century to elements of oriental origin brought here in the 19th century.

Everything is of extraordinary delicacy, and we realize that as soon as we enter. This is because the palace complex welcomes us with a unique eighteenth-century watch of Dutch origin. It is like a wake-up call that we enter a territory of another time.

The gardens

Castle Gardens - Tjeerd Huisman /

If the interior of the castle is spectacular, we can say the same about the gardens that surround it. They mix different influences. In addition, they have been renewed in recent decades, incorporating very interesting landscape resources, such as different color zones, dominated by plants with powerful visual appeal.

Playgrounds for children and adults have also been added. Therefore, for being a World Heritage Site and for its beauty, Beauregard Castle is a must stop during your tour of the Loire castles. So here you can find out about visiting hours and prices.

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