The 5 most important heroes of China

The word hero refers to those people who have been a positive turning point in the history of a nation. From great warriors to revolutionaries within their field, These important figures mark a before and after in the formation of this ancient culture. Here we offer you a list with the 5 most important heroes of China.

1. Mulán

It is one of the most international heroines in China due to its appearance on the large handheld screen of Disney. His real story does not have magical dragons or an epic battle, but he does talk about surrender and love for his own family. Concerned about the health of his elderly father, Mulán took his place during the wars between the peoples of the south and north.

After fighting several battles within the Chinese army, the emperor wanted to make her a high official after his 12 years of service. The young woman rejected the position claiming to want to return to her family. It would be years later, with the visit of some of his companions on the battlefield, when they discovered that it was a woman.

2. Yue Fei, one of the most important heroes in China

Statue of Yue Fei - Morio / Wikimedia Commons

Born during the Northern Song dynasty, Yue Fei is one of the most popular military figures in China. This general is not only recognized for his military successes, but also for his ethical values. As in the case of Mulán, Yue Fei was divided between duty to the country and taking care of her sick mother.

It would be his mother who tattooed him on the back four characters with a message: he serves the country with loyalty. Yue Fei, inspired by that act of love for his country, led his troops against the enemy forces. However, even if he failed to defeat the enemy completely, yes He is remembered for his love for the people, either ally or enemy.

Unfortunately, despite their efforts, it would be false accusations from the mouth of envious people that would end the progress and life of the general with only 39 years. His figure represents the honor and filial love, something that has made him one of the most important heroes in China.

3. Zhang Sanfeng

He is known for being the founder of tai chi, a martial art from China. There are many legends that narrate that he reached immortality, since there are records of his exploits in a period of more than 200 years. He was born blind and was an applied disciple of a Taoist teacher. According to many, Zhang Sanfeng regained his sight after years of discipline and training.

Although he lived a large part of his life as a hermit, His teachings were transmitted generation after generation. It would be Emperor Chengzu of the Ming dynasty, who ordered to build a series of great temples on Mount Wudan, which are still preserved today and that belong to the list of World Heritage of the United Nations.

4. Bao Zheng

Bao Zheng Statue - Fanghong / Wikimedia Commons

Bao Zheng was a senior official who lived during the Northern Song dynasty. During his years of service he fought fiercely against corruption in court, severely punishing all those rulers and officials who abused their position and maintained fraudulent business.

Thanks to this, Bao Zheng He gained respect among the people of the nation and enjoyed great popularity. His values ​​and good judgment earned him the nickname "Judge Bao, the blue sky." Therefore, he is known as one of the most important heroes of China, herald of justice and equity. Even after his death, he inspired his entire family to maintain his legacy.

5. China's most important heroes: Yang Yanzhao

He was a famous general who guarded the northern border of the Song dynasty for more than 15 years of the invaders. Born in a humble family, he lived, despite his rank, deprived of luxuries and completely devoted to his mission as general of the troops. He would never take the personal successes and was recognized as one of the noblest generals of China.

Among its exploits the ice-clad wall stands out, devised during a night of low temperatures, to the surprise of his enemy. It is also among his best known feats the use of bulls which he trained, as a surprise element against the enemy army of the Kitán ethnic group.

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